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Xbox 1

Jan-31-2014 By Maniha


  • Microsoft Xbox is an amazing game set for everyone.I love to do gaming. It integrates live TV in an innovative fashion and control your cable or satellite cable box, TV and receiver. The One has a slightly better roster of exclusive launch games compared with the PS4’s.  The Xbox One goes beyond gaming with its ambitious live TV integration, but at launch it can’t deliver a knockout blow to the PS4 due to a higher price and uneven voice control. We suggest you wait for improvements, but for now, the Xbox One is better suited to forgiving early adopters.


Under the xbox one’s hood is an eight-core AMD CPU, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a GPU clocked at 853 MHz. It is bulkier andess sleek than PS4. It weighs around 8 pounds and measures in at 13.4 inches wide by 10.4 inches deep by 3.2 inches tall. It is designed to be on nearly 24-7, if only because it sits in line between your cable box and TV. Microsoft is emphasizing the Kinect’s integration with Xbox One through features such as a built-in Skype client for videoconferencing, user recognition and tracking, and the ability to use voice commands and gestures to navigate the console’s user interface. New gaming functionality includes an expanded Xbox Live service, improved Kinect functionality,  cloud computing, the ability to automatically record and share video highlights from gameplay, and support for live streaminggameplay online. I would love to do gaming in it. It is just so awesome. 

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