Twitter is no doubt the best social network ever. With twitter you can know what anybody is doing right now. We can also tell everybody what we are doing right now even if it’s embarrassing for you.

This is how twitter works. You follow people and if they follow you back, you can send a direct message them. Here’s a wonderful thing we can do with twitter: we all have a favourite actor or an actress, we can follow them on twitter like I have followed all the disney actors and actresses. If  the actors and actresses follow you back, you can dm (direct message) them and imagine it would be so cool if they reply to your dm!  Well if the people you have followed don’t follow you back, don’t worry you can also  mention with their username like this @aamirbarry Hi how are you? and the best thing is that the more followers you get, the more friends you can make.

You can also follow your followers back but that is your choice. If you don’t want everybody on twitter to read your tweets, you can go in your twitter
profile and you can protect your tweets but then anyone wants to follow you they would sent you a request to follow you. Besides this twitter is also used for your business by sending tweets about your business and people can read those tweets.

Another thing you can post pictures on twitter by using twitpic or any other website and people can comment on those pictures. You can post music videos of your favourite singers such as the Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber. Twitter can also be used from your cell phones by using the  internet. For normal phones there is no such twitter applications but in blackberry phone, you can download uber twitter, seesmic and e.t.c. In iphone you can also download seesmic and twitter for iphone and e.t.c. I love twitter! Follow me on twitter @ManihaAamir and also my other account @SuperDisneyFc 🙂

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