Twitter tests its own stories calls “FLEETS”

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. OH GOD!! I have been away for a while. We have entered 2020 and I finally came to blog today. So let’s get on with the topic.
Basically few days back, twitter tried its own version of stories called Fleets.

We already enough stories in our lives that now twitter is trying on it’s own stories just like instagram, facebook, whatsapp and snapchat and youtube. These feelts will be starting in Brazil first. Twitter will allow you to see someone’s fleets even if you don’t follow them unless they have a private account. Fleet won’t circulate Twitter’s network: won’t show up in searches or moments. They also cannot be embbeded on external websites. Now even spotify has released a stories like feature. Fleets will show up in rounded ciricles. Users can reply the fleet’s through mentions or dms (if the other user allows). Let me know in the comments down below what you think about fleets. :)

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