The Amazing iPad! :)

The iPad is like the best ever. I know this and I have used it: well that’s only because my dad really wanted an iPad so he quickly went into the Apple store and bought it. I say that it’s the coolest device ever and Steve Jobs has done really good work.

With this really amazing iPad we can use the internet and go on different sites. We can check are emails and we all know that once a day we have to check emails. Those people who are addicted to facebook can download the application of it.Those people who are addicted to twitter can use the amazing tweet deck in it.

You can’t play games from websites such as and because there is no flash player in it. You can also watch youtube videos in it. Blogging can also be done from it easily. Just like iphone it can download apps but iphone is a phone. iPad is not a phone so no calls can be made from it and you cannot text from it.

Also there is no camera in it. You can listen to songs and download your photos in it. It’s screen is so beautiful and the keyboard is touch so if anybody is used to other phones which are not touch you will have a hard time in typing.

There is an audio jack connector for headphones, and a microphone for apps that need it. The speaker is on the bottom of the device where the “Home” button is. Go to app store and you can download games from it. Some are free and some are expensive.

The display deserves its own section: with a resolution of 1024×768, it has a seemingly low pixel density compared to select high-end smartphones. That said, everything looks sharp and colorful. The contrast and colors are very nice (dare I say “Amazing”?). Plus, the brightness distribution is very stable regardless of the viewing angle.

iBooks: I like the user interface of the Apple book reader, it’s simple and readable, it has a search feature and most importantly, most books (if not all) come with a free sample. You can also read magazines from this iPad and that is so awesome.

Calendar: the calendar is another element that benefits from an increased display size. Looking at a week’s worth of appointments can be done easily. In two taps, you can ener in Edit Mode and change the time and other properties of an event. Cool stuff.

The web browsing experience is very like the one on the iPhone/iPod touch, but a little faster, and with a much more comfortable display. Now, there is no need to zoom much and this feels very much like browsing on a computer.

The custom iPad A4 processor consumes very little power, so in most cases, the display will be the largest drain factor on the battery. So what I say about this iPad is that it is so cool and I love it! 🙂

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