Review on Miniso headphones

Hey guys, happy new year. I wasn’t well for the some time so sorry for the disappearance from the tech world. Well, guess what I am back now.

So, I am here to give a review on the headphones I got from miniso last year.

The headphones model is Miniso H015. They are basically wireless Bluetooth headphones. You can answer the phone and hear music and stuff with these headphones. It suppers AUX cables as well if you want to plug your headphone with your laptop or phone or whatever device you have. It has a lithium battery with power of 300mAh. The battery last quite long. The output power is 30mW.

The frequency response is 20Hz -20 KHz. Also when you play something, both sides of the headphone light up (mostly happens when the volume is really loud, the lights look beautiful).

To connect these headphones, all you gotta do is switch on the headphones and switch on the Bluetooth of your device and connect them

Below is a video of me reviewing the headphones:

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