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Windows 10

Sep-26-2015 By Maniha




Hey everyone, guess what whose back? It’s me your old friend, sorry I was quite distracted and busy from the blogging business but am back. So  I decided I should tell you about windows 10. I have finally upgraded to windows 10. The windows 10 looks great and it is actually very fast. It feels like as if you are using windows phone. lol One great feature it has is “Cortana.’ Cortana is an assistant like siri, but it’s way better, friendlier and intelligent than siri. Cortana sometimes  has a little bit of microphone issues, but she is great and fun, even sings songs and tells jokes. The start menu is back, so you can get quick access to your favorite things. Windows 10 comes with more security issues than ever. It is designed to work with the hardware and software you already use. Explore a continuously expanding selection of apps, games and now movies, TV shows and the latest music which is all certified by Microsoft. The Microsoft Answer Desk is here for you. If you have questions during or after the upgrade process, the friendly Answers Desks are there to help. Oh yeah, one  more thing, if you are in another region and “Cortana” doesn’t work for you, change your region settings to ‘United States” so you’ll get Cortana. So what ya all waiting for? GO GET WINDOWS 10!                                                                     

Android 5.0 lollipop

Dec-30-2014 By Maniha


It’s been a while, since the great version of the Android 5.0 lollipop released. I just recently got it in my LG G3, it’s going pretty good. Lollipop version offers a lot of things and it is much faster now. It has new features, thousands of APIs for the users. It brings material design to Android and gives you an expanded UI tool kit for integrating the new design patterns easily in your apps. New 3D views let you set a z-level to raise elements off. Built-in activity transitions take the user from one state to another with beautiful animated motion. Ripple animations are available for buttons, check boxes and another touch controls in your app. 

RenderThread keeps animations smooth even when there are delays in the main UI thread. It provides a faster, smoother and more powerful computing experience. It now runs exclusively on the new ART runtime built from the group up to support a mix ahead -of-time, just-in-time and interpreted code. ART improves apps performance and responsiveness. It introduces platform support for 64-bit architectures. Optimization provides larger address space and improved performance compute workloads. It also offers improved  A/V sync. Notifications are more visible,accessible and configurable. Varying notifications may appear on the lockscreen if desired by the user. Key notifications such as incoming calls appear in head-up-notification.

Android 5.0 introduces  a redesigned overview space that is more versatile and useful for multitasking. New APIs allow to separate activities in your apps.Android 5.0 adds new APIs that allow apps to perform concurrent operations with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), allowing both scanning (central mode) and advertising (peripheral mode). New multi-networking features allow apps to query available networks for available features such as whether they are Wi-Fi, cellular, metered, or provide certain network features. NFC APIs now allow apps to register an NFC application ID (AID) dynamically. A new audio-capture design offers low-latency audio input. The new design includes: a fast capture thread that never blocks except during a read; fast track capture clients at native sample rate, channel count, and bit depth; and normal capture clients offer resampling, up/down channel mix, and up/down bit depth.  It creates a secure work profile on the device. In the launcher, apps are shown with a Work badge to indicate that the app and its data are administered inside of the work profile by an IT administrator. It allows you to add screen capturing and screen sharing capabilities to your app. In Android 5.0, a new tilt detector sensor helps improve activity recognition on supported devices, and a heart rate sensor reports the heart rate of the person touching the device. That’s all about it. 

LG G4 Releasing Soon

Dec-30-2014 By Maniha


Hi, guys. I am back and yeah I know am blogging after a long time. I am kinda addictive to anime, so yea deal with it. Soon new the LG G4 will be released around 2015. We can still get excited about it. The G4 is supposed to come with a 5.3-inch 2560 x 1440QHD display rather than  the previous one which was 3840 x 2160UHD screen.

It is also said that LG has launched a trademark filling for a new stylus known as the G Pen. LG could be making a G Pen stylus accessory for its existing or future handsets. If it is reducing the number of handsets it produces, it might focus on this as an alternative revenue stream. It could signal a re-brand of the LG series, with the LG G4 which is a serious competitor of the Galaxy Note 5. The LG G4 may have the aluminium body like the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Alpha. The LG G4 is currently available at Amazon for $599.99 . Well, get ready Android lovers for a new phone like this. 


Jul-25-2014 By Maniha


Hey everyone, it’s been a long time since I blogged about something. Been busy, currently applying to universities. So anyways, my daddy got me LG G3, just a few days back. It’s one awesome phone and I love it. There are a number of key features that LG is touting as new and improved this year with the G3, but none sticks out as prominently as the QHD screen. Some might think that this is four times the pixel count of an HD screen, and you’d be right to a degree.

The screen is brilliant. Internet browsing, looking at pictures, watching high-end video, all is awesome. Internet browsing, looking at pictures, watching high-end video. The icons are redesigned. Different applications have their own color scheme. It has a metallic skin. It has 5.5 inch screen and has  laser focusing camera. Its wait is just 149g. Its volume button and the power button is at the back of it and they are much better. The controls are also very easy to reach with. It has 3.5 mm headphone jack and microUSB port at the bottom. It has a 13 megapixel camera. You can take a picture by waving your hand. Also there is an awesome picture taking method. You can say the words kimchi, cheese, LG, whisky or smile and it will automatically take your photo. Pretty interesting, isn’t it? The phone is good for taking selfies too and to make videos. It runs the Android 4.4.2 Kitkat version which is pretty fast. One must definitely try out this phone. Android lovers would love it. That’s all folks, until then see  ya.           

HTC one gets the Android 4.4 Kitkat

Jan-31-2014 By Maniha

htc one kitkatHTC one has finally got the yummy update of “Android 4.4 Kitkat”.  It has made the phone more awesome. It has some new features like as security enhancements, cloud print service and new Bluetooth profiles. It has the “immersive mode”, a full emoji keyboard and Google Hangout integration. HTC has also implemented its 5.5 Sense UI overlay for this update, while support for Adobe Flash in the stock  HTC web browser has been removed due to Android incompatibility.  Other details of the Android Kitkat 4.4 are given in my previous, do read that. I can’t wait for Android 4.4 now. It seems so cool.

Android KitKat 4.4

Jan-31-2014 By Maniha

android kitkatAnother awesome software came in Android a while ago with a really yummy name that is called “Android Kitkat”. Haha it’s funny how Android software names are so yummy, looks more like a candy factory. Anyways, I am going to tell you about it. One thing is that, you don’t need to touch the screen to launch google now, just saw “OK GOOGLE” and there you go, you’ll get your voice search, send text, get directions and etc. When listening to music, or seeing movies on CHROMECAST, you’ll see a full screen album and movie when your device is locked. There is an immersive mode which hides everything except what you want to see. Just swipe the edge of the screen to bring back your status bar and navigation buttons. 

Android 4.4 optimizes your memory. It improves your touch and your phone becomes much faster. The new app automatically prioritizes your contacts based on the people you talk to the most. You can search for nearby places, businesses, your contacts or the people in the Google apps domain. If you get a call from a person you don’t know, your phone will look for matches from businesses with a local listing on Google maps. With the hangout app, you will never miss a message. All your old conversations and video calls will be stored. You can even share your location and send animated gifts. Emojis (colorful Japanese emoticons) are now available in the Android keyboard so texting would be more fun. You can also print documents , webpages, photos or anything now from your phone. You can print to any printer connected to Google Cloud Print, HP ePrint  Printers and to other printers that have apps in the Google Play Store. With quickoffice, you can open or save files on Google Drive or your device. With quick access to recently used files, it’s easier than ever to send the file you were just working on. I can’t wait to get the Android Kitkat on my HTC One.

Xbox 1

Jan-31-2014 By Maniha


  • Microsoft Xbox is an amazing game set for everyone.I love to do gaming. It integrates live TV in an innovative fashion and control your cable or satellite cable box, TV and receiver. The One has a slightly better roster of exclusive launch games compared with the PS4’s.  The Xbox One goes beyond gaming with its ambitious live TV integration, but at launch it can’t deliver a knockout blow to the PS4 due to a higher price and uneven voice control. We suggest you wait for improvements, but for now, the Xbox One is better suited to forgiving early adopters.


Under the xbox one’s hood is an eight-core AMD CPU, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a GPU clocked at 853 MHz. It is bulkier andess sleek than PS4. It weighs around 8 pounds and measures in at 13.4 inches wide by 10.4 inches deep by 3.2 inches tall. It is designed to be on nearly 24-7, if only because it sits in line between your cable box and TV. Microsoft is emphasizing the Kinect’s integration with Xbox One through features such as a built-in Skype client for videoconferencing, user recognition and tracking, and the ability to use voice commands and gestures to navigate the console’s user interface. New gaming functionality includes an expanded Xbox Live service, improved Kinect functionality,  cloud computing, the ability to automatically record and share video highlights from gameplay, and support for live streaminggameplay online. I would love to do gaming in it. It is just so awesome. 

Note 3

Sep-14-2013 By Maniha

Note3Concept-400x231The Note 3 has a 5.7 inch full high -definition screen and a slight boost from the 5.5 inch display. The Note 3 is thinner and lighter measuring 8.3 mm and weighing 168 g. It’s really easy to hold in one hand unless you have smaller hands like me. The screen is bright, colorful and responsive. Under the slablike screen there is a 2.3GHz processor with a 3GB RAM. There is a 3200mAh battery. It is really speedy too. It has 4G LTE for connecting to the Internet at high speeds, with support for the fastest category 4 4G. It has a 13 mega-pixel camera with LED flash. It also has a S Pen which is its stylus stowed away in the bottom of the phablet. The basic use of the S Pen is to scrawl a note or a memo.  Multitasking is much easier as it has a bigger screen. With Multi Window you can divide the screens in half between the two apps. You can drag and drop stuff between two apps: no more cumbersome copying text, switching apps, pasting it, switching back, copying the next bit, and so on and so on. It’s one amazing phone, I cant wait to get it. 😀


Jun-28-2013 By Maniha

htc oneHey everyone am back after many days. I had to blog about HTC ONE so here it is. It is one of the greatest Android phone ever. It has a stunning design , a supreme screen and a explosive power. It has a 4.7 inches Full HD screen. The phone ia much bigger than my tiny hand. It has 32 GB of storage, top-end bluetooth ,wifi and a 3G/4G connections. It is so thin and can easily slide in your pockets. It is not light weight either.  The machined holes that allow sound to come from the dual front-facing speakers looks amazing and sounds great. You wont find anyspaces, holds or light leakages. The volume control button is the same as the other Android phones. The power button resides on the top and doubles as the infrared blaster. The phone is slippery due to the metallic chassis. It gets hot really quickly. It runs the Android version 4.2.2. It is awesome to use. 😀

Google I/O

May-17-2013 By Maniha


In Google I/O 2013 they did not announce a new hardware , a new Android phone or a new version of Android. The only semi-new hardware announcement was that of a Samsung Galaxy S4 running  stock Android which might be coming in June. Google Spend half of his developers conference focusing on the tools they need to use to develop apps. Google spent announcing improvements to core Web services, such as Search, Maps  and Google+. Google Play Game services will also have achievements, online multiplayer and leaderboards tied to your Google+. The smartphone version of Google Maps lends drivers a hand with warnings when a  traffic jam pops up, along with a suggested new route. The map view will show  major sources of traffic jams as well. Google has also made a new interface for tablets with an ‘Explore’ feature from which you can find the near by shops , restaurants etc. The desktop feature of Google Maps is getting smoother graphics and focus on discovery.
For photos, Google+ can pare down your vacation photos by automatically  selecting highlights, and it can make photos look better with quick editing tools. Google is also launching a  separate Hangouts app for Android and iOS, letting  users talk, share photos and jump into video chat. Google’s virtual-assistant service will be able to tell you about upcoming TV  shows and video games and provide real-time public transit updates in select  cities. You can also use voice commands to set reminders on your phone. More significantly, the Google Play Store will finally have a section for  tablet-optimized apps. This change does affect users, but it also gives  developers an incentive to write apps with tablets in mind. While using Chrome you would be able to start a voice search by saying ‘O.K Google.’ and just like the mobile app you would be able to search things easily. 😀