How to work on 3D paint in windows 10?

Hello everyone, I am back after a really long time. I have been busy with things and haven’t been able to blog properly. Today I will teach you how to make some 3d art. This is specifically in windows 10, so you will need to update your laptop. You can edit pictures with that. You can work on 3D models well.

You can use shapes as well on it like 2D shapes for normal art just like you used to do on microsoft paint. Anyhow to do, 3D art you have to click on the 3D art thing and you can choose a figure you want to work on, such as a dog, body of a man or a woman or you can work on a fish. You can download stickers from online and paste them on your 3D models and then you can move them around. You can color them on all sides.

Here is a video of me working on 3D paint.

Watch this video and you will know how to work on it and please subscribe, Thank you. 🙂

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