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Google I/O

May-17-2013 By Maniha


In Google I/O 2013 they did not announce a new hardware , a new Android phone or a new version of Android. The only semi-new hardware announcement was that of a Samsung Galaxy S4 running  stock Android which might be coming in June. Google Spend half of his developers conference focusing on the tools they need to use to develop apps. Google spent announcing improvements to core Web services, such as Search, Maps  and Google+. Google Play Game services will also have achievements, online multiplayer and leaderboards tied to your Google+. The smartphone version of Google Maps lends drivers a hand with warnings when a  traffic jam pops up, along with a suggested new route. The map view will show  major sources of traffic jams as well. Google has also made a new interface for tablets with an ‘Explore’ feature from which you can find the near by shops , restaurants etc. The desktop feature of Google Maps is getting smoother graphics and focus on discovery.
For photos, Google+ can pare down your vacation photos by automatically  selecting highlights, and it can make photos look better with quick editing tools. Google is also launching a  separate Hangouts app for Android and iOS, letting  users talk, share photos and jump into video chat. Google’s virtual-assistant service will be able to tell you about upcoming TV  shows and video games and provide real-time public transit updates in select  cities. You can also use voice commands to set reminders on your phone. More significantly, the Google Play Store will finally have a section for  tablet-optimized apps. This change does affect users, but it also gives  developers an incentive to write apps with tablets in mind. While using Chrome you would be able to start a voice search by saying ‘O.K Google.’ and just like the mobile app you would be able to search things easily. 😀

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