Games with Google Home

Games with google home:
Hey everyone, I am back with another blog. Since last year, I have been playing games with Google Home and testing what it can do. So, I played more games with it today. I have posted a youtube video of it as well down below. 

Google Home is just an assistant for android just like Siri or cortana. It’s really good. It can quiz you on things as well such as general knowledge quiz, lucky trivia, spelling bee quiz (I always lose at it), there is also something called sound safari. Justs say ‘Ok Google’ to active this. Say ‘Ok Google, play the spelling bee game’. It’s quite fun to do that. For the spelling bee, choose the hard level in it. Note: You can also do that with the google assistant in your phone. 

Watch this video down below of me playing games with google: 🙂



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