Facebook is one of the most popular networks ever. Facebook is a lot different than twitter. When you want to add friends on FB, you sent them request. When the request is sent, its their choice whether they want to add you.

You can also add celebrities on FB. There is not much privacy in facebook than twitter. With facebook you can post your pictures in it and people can also comment on those photos. There are also lots of games on facebook such as farmville, pet society and many other. Twitter doesn’t have games so that is also a difference between facebook and twitter.

You can also post music videos on FB. Most of the people on FB keep on playing games the whole day but what I have heard from my dad is these games which are on FB especially ‘Farmville’ are a big waste of time. Anyways I don’t know a lot about Fb because I don’t have an account on it yet. I have to get 16 to come on FB. I don’t like facebook that much. 🙂

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