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Hi, everyone, long time no see? How is it going? Today I am here to blog about the HTC Vive that came out some time ago but I never blogged about it. I actually tried it a couple of times and it’s extremely fun. 

The HTC Vive headset is really comfortable to wear and it features soft, memory foam-esque material around the edges to avoid any irritation on the skin. It can also be easily switched. It’s black in color and it looks good. It also provides users with 2 handheld controllers. They are different than the Xbox controllers and are designed to be versatile and used in the number of ways in the virtual world. It also has a touch enabled circular panel and a couple of physical buttons with the built in sensors allowing the controllers to be tracked in the virtual world. It’s wired and not wireless which is a down set of this. There is a camera on the headset that can be switched on and off.  

Now this is some information about it.

Experience with gaming:

I have recently went to gaming and I played with this HTC vive. We can select different games and it will indeed give you a good and great experience.  For example, there was a game, it was called ‘Plank’ I think and for those who have acrophobia, it can be a tough time for that. So a guy set up that game for me and a wooden board under my feet and he said me to climb on it. Now in the game, I saw that it was at a great height. So I climbed on the plank, afraid to fall down, but the basic purpose of that game is that you have to jump of it. Then the man said me “jump.” I was stuck and scared even though it was a game but I saw myself at a great height and jumping down would be like suicide because I saw buildings below me and cars. I said ‘I can’t do this’, then he said “You have to jump’. It took me 2 minutes, then I jumped down the plank and basically killed myself in the game. Then there was plank 2, I had to get on the plank and catch birds, there was fire below me and I was scared but I played it. I played candy crush, I even killed zombies, killed cockroaches and went on a roller coaster. It was really fun though. I often go to play that since I don’t own it. I recommend you guys to atleast try this if you are into gaming. 😀

But don’t play it if you have health issues or get headaches very quickly.

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