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Pokemon Go gets special pikachu

Jul-9-2018 By Maniha













Hi everyone, how are you guys doing today? In today’s blog I am going to tell you something about pokemon go.

Everyone loves Pikachu the most right so pokemon has brought its special limited holiday treat for players around the world. The pokemon go birthday event marks two years of augmented reality adventure game and offers a birthday pikachy to celebrate. In the above picture, you can see what the pokemon looks like. I caught the pikachu and it was so awesome to catch it.

There are increased Pikachu and Pichu spawn. Each will be a new ‘Birthday’ form for the summer, wearing a straw hat and sunglasses, including a rare Shiny version. New Pikachu Fan Avatar items on sale, including a T-Shirt and Pikachu ears, some of which will require a gold Pikachu Fan medal to purchase.

So, like I know the game has lost its hype but do try it if you want to catch this pikachu. 🙂

Experience with HTC Vive

Apr-11-2018 By Maniha








Hi, everyone, long time no see? How is it going? Today I am here to blog about the HTC Vive that came out some time ago but I never blogged about it. I actually tried it a couple of times and it’s extremely fun. 

The HTC Vive headset is really comfortable to wear and it features soft, memory foam-esque material around the edges to avoid any irritation on the skin. It can also be easily switched. It’s black in color and it looks good. It also provides users with 2 handheld controllers. They are different than the Xbox controllers and are designed to be versatile and used in the number of ways in the virtual world. It also has a touch enabled circular panel and a couple of physical buttons with the built in sensors allowing the controllers to be tracked in the virtual world. It’s wired and not wireless which is a down set of this. There is a camera on the headset that can be switched on and off.  

Now this is some information about it.

Experience with gaming:

I have recently went to gaming and I played with this HTC vive. We can select different games and it will indeed give you a good and great experience.  For example, there was a game, it was called ‘Plank’ I think and for those who have acrophobia, it can be a tough time for that. So a guy set up that game for me and a wooden board under my feet and he said me to climb on it. Now in the game, I saw that it was at a great height. So I climbed on the plank, afraid to fall down, but the basic purpose of that game is that you have to jump of it. Then the man said me “jump.” I was stuck and scared even though it was a game but I saw myself at a great height and jumping down would be like suicide because I saw buildings below me and cars. I said ‘I can’t do this’, then he said “You have to jump’. It took me 2 minutes, then I jumped down the plank and basically killed myself in the game. Then there was plank 2, I had to get on the plank and catch birds, there was fire below me and I was scared but I played it. I played candy crush, I even killed zombies, killed cockroaches and went on a roller coaster. It was really fun though. I often go to play that since I don’t own it. I recommend you guys to atleast try this if you are into gaming. 😀

But don’t play it if you have health issues or get headaches very quickly.

Pokemon Go

Aug-4-2016 By Maniha

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Hey, guys, I am writing this post all over again, because umm the previous post got messed up somehow, so I thought to delete that one and write it all over again. As you can all see, being a pokemon trainer has been a dream of everyone. Well it has been my dream. This game has been on such a huge hit. Everything is about pokemon. It is the number one game these days.

In Pokemon go, you actually travel in the real world in search of a pokemon. When you download this game, you get to make your own avatar and give it any nickname you like. I gave my avatar the nick name “I am a cake.” funny right?.  Next thing you do, is that it brings you to the real world. You have to open the app, it works with internet using your gps. You are given 3 pokemons from which have to catch one. The basic starter pokemons are Bulbasor,Charmander and Squirtle. I did not realize that earlier but if you want a Pikachu, you gotta ignore those Pokemons and walk away to other locations and you might find a pikachu.









Catching pokemons and information about things

To catch the Pokemon you gotta throw pokeballs at it, you gotta make sure you aim properly because in the game you can go out of pokeballs which is bad. You might need to go to a Pokestop nearby to get  pokeballs, or you can buy some pokecoins with real world money to shop for them and other products. You might need to go to a park or something to find a grass pokemon or go to a lake or pond or sea to find a water pokemon. Whenever you get a level up, you get items or pokeballs. Sometimes you get eggs and you need to walk 2km,5km or 10km to hatch the eggs. Each pokemon come with its own candy, that you need to use to evolve them. You can transfer a pokemon to professor to get pokemon candy. Once you are in level 5, you can join a gym for gym battles. I haven’t joined any team yet. The game is simple. Be careful while playing pokemon go though, don’t go to strange places. The game is officially released in some countries now, but not in mine, so I just used a US gmail account to play it. Some people use apk to play it on Android but I don’t trust. On iPhone, you will need to make a US iTunes accounts. Enjoy the game. I love it  because I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. 😀