AR blaster gun

Hello, everyone and welcome back to my blog. Hope you are all are fine. Recently, I got a AR gun ( I have made a video of it on YouTube), so you can watch that. I’ll put the link down below.

Basically, the AR( Augmented ) gun is a joystick for gaming. It’s similar to the VR game headset except the fact that you don’t have to wear headsets for it. For this, all you need is an android or apple phone, without it you can’t play games with it. It’s pretty light as well and easy to carry around places as well.

How to use the AR blaster gun?

1. First put 2 batteries inside the gun.

2 Turn on the blue tooth of the gun as well as your phone. There is no pairing need to be done.

3. Download the AR gun app as it will automatically connect to the AR gun when you open the app. It might take some time though. You can set your phone properly on the gun with the screen facing towards you.

4 Once you login, you can scroll around and play lots of games. You can download games as well. I love killing zombies. Most of the games are in virtual reality and a few of them can be played in an Augmented reality mode. That’s all. 🙂

Here is a link to the video.

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