Android 6.0 Marshmallow

android marshmallow

Hi guys, what’s up? How are you all? I hope you all are doing great right. Oooo another version of Android is here which has a even yummy name called “Marshmallow.” OMG marshmallow is my favorite, all these are going to give me a sugar rush, hahaha. Now coming to the topic, this is Android 6.0. 

Nexus 5x and Nexus 6P were the first to get Android Marshmallow. It has a battery that works smarter, not harder. It saves your battery for what matters most. When your device is at rest, Doze automatically puts it to sleep so your phone can actually go off your alarm even if you forget to charge it. Battery doesn’t drain from seldom apps anymore. There is no need to give apps access all the time. It lets you define what to share and when. You can simply use finger print scan to unlock your phone rather than having to type security passwords. It’s going to be great once people get it. I really hope to try it. 

Well, not many phones have gotten it yet, but might after some time. Have a good day. See ya. 

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