Android 11

Hey everyone, how are you all? Hope this pandemic hasn’t messed you up so much.

Alright let’s talk about Android 11. A few months ago I got the Android 11 update on my pixel 4.

First of all, Android 11 is pretty much very fast than Android 10. There are 3 notification categories: alerting, conversations and silent. This section also lets you prioritize conversations and apps within this section. It allows to give a higher priority to messages. You can also silence notifications to the silent section

You can also save every single notification that came on your phone for 24 hours. There are also chat bubbles , which are kind of like chat heads. There is also a new screen recording feature in it. Android 11 also gives more privacy to the people because the app asks permissions like “only this time” , “while using the app” and “deny.” It also allows you use to schedule dark theme.

These are some great features about. 🙂

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