Android 10

Android 10

As you all you can see, I am a huge Android fan practically since 2010. Currently i am using Pixel 2 XL and let me tell you, the phone is amazing. I was the first person to get Android 10 in the fam and ever since I got it; the phone has become much faster. Google skipped on calling it a desert name, this time.

Android 10 comes with a dark mode as well. The phone looks much cooler in the dark mode. I even like using twitter in dark mode. Android 10 has also increased the battery life of the phone. It’s become more faster and smoother to use. There are new gestures which are used to navigate the system. It has improved notifications, increased device security and adds features like live caption. The icon back button is gone. Swiping up goes home, a swipe up and holds reveals the multitasking menu. There are new theming options so you can select new themes as well. Priacy is better, there are big changes for permission. Overall, this new update is awesome. 😀

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