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Galaxy S 9 Ar emoji

Oct-7-2018 By Maniha

Hi everyone!! How are you all doing? Sorry for being away for quite so long but I am back. Today going to tell you about something really exciting for those who have Note 9. This is about the AR emoji of it. We all love emojis right, well I do because messages without emojis are always so vague and empty :p. Anyhow, just like the iPhone 10, Samsung Note 9 has an AR emoji too and I tried it. It’s quite fun. The emoji in the phone above is mine. lol


How to use the AR emoji?

First of all go to your camera and click AR emoji. It will ask Male or female. It will also take a selfie of you to see how you look. After that, it gives you a lot of gifs of your emoji which you can use and they are so good. 

With this AR emoji, you can show off your personal style. from hair to clothes and you can make your emoji look a lot like you. It gives you lots of options such as hair, clothes and glaesses. You can also put your emoji in motion. You can record videos of your emoji talking, singing or whatever you want to do.  You can even make your favorite characters your own such as mickey mouse or minnie mouse. There are around 19 stickers of your emoji which shows your emotions. So yes, that’s all for today, folks. Until, then see you 🙂

As you can see all social networks have the option to put stories such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp and instagram. Well, at first it wasn’t even possible to put long stories on instagram but now instagram is allowing us to do so. The stories on instagram were previously restricted to 15-seconds clip. Just like snapchat, instagram now creates different segments of the video just like snapchat. The change is rolling out in stages, so comment down below if you see this feature. 🙂