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How to make a blog on blogger ?

Jul-18-2018 By Maniha





Hi everyone, how are you all doing today?  I hope all is well with you all. Today I decided to write a blog about how to make a blog on twitter. I chose this topic because there are many people who want to or are asked to run a blog but have no idea about it. Below, you can also see a youtube video about that. 

Making a blog on blogger is a piece of cake. All you need to do is having a gmail account. Note: no other email account can be used on blogger to make a blog. Just go to and log in with your gmail ID. Choose a blogger profile, it could be a limited blogger profile or Google+ profile. After that, tap on create blog and type in the basic. 

Look at this video 🙂 it will help you out. 

I also have another blog, it’s called, be sure to check that out. 

Games with Google Home

Jul-15-2018 By Maniha

Games with google home:
Hey everyone, I am back with another blog. Since last year, I have been playing games with Google Home and testing what it can do. So, I played more games with it today. I have posted a youtube video of it as well down below. 

Google Home is just an assistant for android just like Siri or cortana. It’s really good. It can quiz you on things as well such as general knowledge quiz, lucky trivia, spelling bee quiz (I always lose at it), there is also something called sound safari. Justs say ‘Ok Google’ to active this. Say ‘Ok Google, play the spelling bee game’. It’s quite fun to do that. For the spelling bee, choose the hard level in it. Note: You can also do that with the google assistant in your phone. 

Watch this video down below of me playing games with google: 🙂



Pokemon Go gets special pikachu

Jul-9-2018 By Maniha













Hi everyone, how are you guys doing today? In today’s blog I am going to tell you something about pokemon go.

Everyone loves Pikachu the most right so pokemon has brought its special limited holiday treat for players around the world. The pokemon go birthday event marks two years of augmented reality adventure game and offers a birthday pikachy to celebrate. In the above picture, you can see what the pokemon looks like. I caught the pikachu and it was so awesome to catch it.

There are increased Pikachu and Pichu spawn. Each will be a new ‘Birthday’ form for the summer, wearing a straw hat and sunglasses, including a rare Shiny version. New Pikachu Fan Avatar items on sale, including a T-Shirt and Pikachu ears, some of which will require a gold Pikachu Fan medal to purchase.

So, like I know the game has lost its hype but do try it if you want to catch this pikachu. 🙂