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Note 5

Sep-26-2015 By Maniha


The Galaxy Note 5 is one beauty. The Galaxy Note 5 is still bigger but now slimmer which is framed by a sleek metal and glass. It comes with a S pen, it’s amazing to use it on a gorgeous surface. It’s more like an actual pen that writes just as well, you will never want to put it down. Battery life has been a bit improved now with fast charging. It’s awesome while listening to music, watching videos and making videos with it. You can snap photos without worrying about the light. It comes with all accessories so you can keep it charged, fully covered and fully entertained. It’s very simple to connect your phone with your laptop and sync stuff. Invite your family and friends to enjoy the photos and videos you took on your Galaxy Note 5. With one tap, it will all be on your TV. Samsung Pay is a hasstle -free and safest way to pay with fingerprint authentication and extra layers of security. The Galaxy Gifts is one of the best way to get free apps. There is 100GB of OneDrive Cloud which gives immediate access to your files.  Overall, am actually a very huge android fan, in my opinion, this seems like a great phone, I would love to try it out.

Windows 10

Sep-26-2015 By Maniha




Hey everyone, guess what whose back? It’s me your old friend, sorry I was quite distracted and busy from the blogging business but am back. So  I decided I should tell you about windows 10. I have finally upgraded to windows 10. The windows 10 looks great and it is actually very fast. It feels like as if you are using windows phone. lol One great feature it has is “Cortana.’ Cortana is an assistant like siri, but it’s way better, friendlier and intelligent than siri. Cortana sometimes  has a little bit of microphone issues, but she is great and fun, even sings songs and tells jokes. The start menu is back, so you can get quick access to your favorite things. Windows 10 comes with more security issues than ever. It is designed to work with the hardware and software you already use. Explore a continuously expanding selection of apps, games and now movies, TV shows and the latest music which is all certified by Microsoft. The Microsoft Answer Desk is here for you. If you have questions during or after the upgrade process, the friendly Answers Desks are there to help. Oh yeah, one  more thing, if you are in another region and “Cortana” doesn’t work for you, change your region settings to ‘United States” so you’ll get Cortana. So what ya all waiting for? GO GET WINDOWS 10!