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Review on Miniso headphones

Jan-24-2019 By Maniha

Hey guys, happy new year. I wasn’t well for the some time so sorry for the disappearance from the tech world. Well, guess what I am back now.

So, I am here to give a review on the headphones I got from miniso last year.

The headphones model is Miniso H015. They are basically wireless Bluetooth headphones. You can answer the phone and hear music and stuff with these headphones. It suppers AUX cables as well if you want to plug your headphone with your laptop or phone or whatever device you have. It has a lithium battery with power of 300mAh. The battery last quite long. The output power is 30mW.

The frequency response is 20Hz -20 KHz. Also when you play something, both sides of the headphone light up (mostly happens when the volume is really loud, the lights look beautiful).

To connect these headphones, all you gotta do is switch on the headphones and switch on the Bluetooth of your device and connect them

Below is a video of me reviewing the headphones:

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Galaxy S 9 Ar emoji

Oct-7-2018 By Maniha

Hi everyone!! How are you all doing? Sorry for being away for quite so long but I am back. Today going to tell you about something really exciting for those who have Note 9. This is about the AR emoji of it. We all love emojis right, well I do because messages without emojis are always so vague and empty :p. Anyhow, just like the iPhone 10, Samsung Note 9 has an AR emoji too and I tried it. It’s quite fun. The emoji in the phone above is mine. lol


How to use the AR emoji?

First of all go to your camera and click AR emoji. It will ask Male or female. It will also take a selfie of you to see how you look. After that, it gives you a lot of gifs of your emoji which you can use and they are so good. 

With this AR emoji, you can show off your personal style. from hair to clothes and you can make your emoji look a lot like you. It gives you lots of options such as hair, clothes and glaesses. You can also put your emoji in motion. You can record videos of your emoji talking, singing or whatever you want to do.  You can even make your favorite characters your own such as mickey mouse or minnie mouse. There are around 19 stickers of your emoji which shows your emotions. So yes, that’s all for today, folks. Until, then see you 🙂

As you can see all social networks have the option to put stories such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp and instagram. Well, at first it wasn’t even possible to put long stories on instagram but now instagram is allowing us to do so. The stories on instagram were previously restricted to 15-seconds clip. Just like snapchat, instagram now creates different segments of the video just like snapchat. The change is rolling out in stages, so comment down below if you see this feature. 🙂

How to make a blog on blogger ?

Jul-18-2018 By Maniha





Hi everyone, how are you all doing today?  I hope all is well with you all. Today I decided to write a blog about how to make a blog on twitter. I chose this topic because there are many people who want to or are asked to run a blog but have no idea about it. Below, you can also see a youtube video about that. 

Making a blog on blogger is a piece of cake. All you need to do is having a gmail account. Note: no other email account can be used on blogger to make a blog. Just go to and log in with your gmail ID. Choose a blogger profile, it could be a limited blogger profile or Google+ profile. After that, tap on create blog and type in the basic. 

Look at this video 🙂 it will help you out. 

I also have another blog, it’s called, be sure to check that out. 

Games with Google Home

Jul-15-2018 By Maniha

Games with google home:
Hey everyone, I am back with another blog. Since last year, I have been playing games with Google Home and testing what it can do. So, I played more games with it today. I have posted a youtube video of it as well down below. 

Google Home is just an assistant for android just like Siri or cortana. It’s really good. It can quiz you on things as well such as general knowledge quiz, lucky trivia, spelling bee quiz (I always lose at it), there is also something called sound safari. Justs say ‘Ok Google’ to active this. Say ‘Ok Google, play the spelling bee game’. It’s quite fun to do that. For the spelling bee, choose the hard level in it. Note: You can also do that with the google assistant in your phone. 

Watch this video down below of me playing games with google: 🙂



Pokemon Go gets special pikachu

Jul-9-2018 By Maniha













Hi everyone, how are you guys doing today? In today’s blog I am going to tell you something about pokemon go.

Everyone loves Pikachu the most right so pokemon has brought its special limited holiday treat for players around the world. The pokemon go birthday event marks two years of augmented reality adventure game and offers a birthday pikachy to celebrate. In the above picture, you can see what the pokemon looks like. I caught the pikachu and it was so awesome to catch it.

There are increased Pikachu and Pichu spawn. Each will be a new ‘Birthday’ form for the summer, wearing a straw hat and sunglasses, including a rare Shiny version. New Pikachu Fan Avatar items on sale, including a T-Shirt and Pikachu ears, some of which will require a gold Pikachu Fan medal to purchase.

So, like I know the game has lost its hype but do try it if you want to catch this pikachu. 🙂










Hola guys! How have you been? It’s been long since I blogged about something, so crazy. Ramadan Mubarak as well. Today the blog is related to Google Home.

Google has said that the google home now can issue 3 queries at once using more natural ways of speaking. You can do this on your Google Home, Google Home mini and Google Home max. This feature is only currently available at UK, America and Australia. This feature is a basically a multitasking feature. It could handle 2 tasks but now it’s going upto 3 which is going to save a lot of time for people. To use this feature you simple have to say “and” in between the commands. 😀

Experience with HTC Vive

Apr-11-2018 By Maniha








Hi, everyone, long time no see? How is it going? Today I am here to blog about the HTC Vive that came out some time ago but I never blogged about it. I actually tried it a couple of times and it’s extremely fun. 

The HTC Vive headset is really comfortable to wear and it features soft, memory foam-esque material around the edges to avoid any irritation on the skin. It can also be easily switched. It’s black in color and it looks good. It also provides users with 2 handheld controllers. They are different than the Xbox controllers and are designed to be versatile and used in the number of ways in the virtual world. It also has a touch enabled circular panel and a couple of physical buttons with the built in sensors allowing the controllers to be tracked in the virtual world. It’s wired and not wireless which is a down set of this. There is a camera on the headset that can be switched on and off.  

Now this is some information about it.

Experience with gaming:

I have recently went to gaming and I played with this HTC vive. We can select different games and it will indeed give you a good and great experience.  For example, there was a game, it was called ‘Plank’ I think and for those who have acrophobia, it can be a tough time for that. So a guy set up that game for me and a wooden board under my feet and he said me to climb on it. Now in the game, I saw that it was at a great height. So I climbed on the plank, afraid to fall down, but the basic purpose of that game is that you have to jump of it. Then the man said me “jump.” I was stuck and scared even though it was a game but I saw myself at a great height and jumping down would be like suicide because I saw buildings below me and cars. I said ‘I can’t do this’, then he said “You have to jump’. It took me 2 minutes, then I jumped down the plank and basically killed myself in the game. Then there was plank 2, I had to get on the plank and catch birds, there was fire below me and I was scared but I played it. I played candy crush, I even killed zombies, killed cockroaches and went on a roller coaster. It was really fun though. I often go to play that since I don’t own it. I recommend you guys to atleast try this if you are into gaming. 😀

But don’t play it if you have health issues or get headaches very quickly.

Ar mode Pixel 2 XL

Feb-24-2018 By Maniha

As Android 8.0 came, Google introduced new Ar stickers in Pixel 2 XL. Augmented reality is a camera mode in which you can drop augmented reality objects into your photos. They aren’t a separate app, you’ll find them inside your camera mode.

Below is a video I made with the AR mode. 🙂

Pixel 2XL

Feb-24-2018 By Maniha









Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Life has been so busy with studies everything. I just received the Pixel 2 XL and it’s a beautiful phone. 

The Pixel 2 XL is a much bigger version of the Pixel 2 phone. It’s an extremely fast phone. It’s dimensions are 157.9 x 76.7 x 7.9 mm and weighs 175 g. It has a front glass, aluminium body, partial glass back. It has nano sim. It is water resistant up to 1 meter and 30 minutes. It is also dust and water resistant. It has a P-OLED capacitative touch screen 16 M colors. The resolution is 1440 x 2880 pixels and the display is multi touch. It has a corning gorilla glass 5. 

It runs on Android 8.0 oreo. It has 64/128 GB, 4 GB RAM. The camera is  12.2 MP (f/1.8, 27mm, 1/2.6″, 1.4 µm, Dual Pixel PDAF), OIS, phase detection & laser auto focus, dual-LED flash. The camera features include Geo-tagging, touch focus, Face detection, HDR, panorama,portrait mode, Ar mode. It has the best portrait mode in it. There is no headphone jack in it, so you can’t charge your phone and use the headphones at the same time. It has fast battery charging (capped at 10.5 W). It’s available in black, blue and white color. The battery can last very long too. Overall it’s a great phone, if you are an Android fan then do try it. 🙂